Kaylenne is currently in  beautiful Echuca on the Murray River close to where she grew up and opened her first Studio Gallery

” Being a self taught Artist with no formal training I visualize my subjects from my travels and Inspiration “

Kaylenne with her Murray River Original at her new GalleryKaylenne’s  Australian Landscapes have sold to private collectors in over 15 countries and its always been her ambition to open her own Commercial Gallery. The first Gallery opened in Riverside Plaza in Shepparton and then the Gallery moved to North Ward Queensland.

Being a self taught artist with no formal training Kaylenne wanted the public to be able to visualize and appreciate her unique style of work and also offer clients affordable pieces of Artwork with a range of  Giclee’ high quality fine art Prints and Limited Editions of Australian Landscapes,  she also plans to paint every state of Australia so clients can have a momento of being there and if not inspire to travel to there.

If Kaylenne and her husband Murray had found the painting they were looking for many years ago Kaylenne might never have discovered her talent as an Artist.

The couple were looking for a painting for their newly renovated home but couldn’t find what they were looking for, so Kaylenne decided to have a go at painting the scene in front of their home- a white horse under the poplar trees. She never did get around to finishing that particular scene as buying paints led to unleashing an unwrapped talent.

Being raised on a country property close to the Murray River, Kaylenne loved vibrant sunsets, gum trees and the river which are displayed in a lot of her work. As a child that always did well in her art classes she received many awards at school and later local shows. It wasn’t long before people would buy or commission her work, mainly sunsets, bush and river landscapes.

The first  Studio Gallery called Sunset Studio Gallery near Cobram was opened and Kaylenne kept traveling to Far North Queensland to extend her landscapes with Tropical scenes, seascapes and Northern Territory producing work of Alice Springs and Ayers Rock area and always not far from the Murray River to extend her work.

Kaylenne held her first International Solo Exhibition in Japan. The exhibition was a huge success and she was invited back for another Solo Exhibition the following year.

After a client of Kaylenne’s had seen her paintings of Alice Springs and the Outback it was suggested that she paint Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland, That was over 9 years ago and now after 6 trips with backpack of paints and brushes to  gather as much information on the beautiful Sandstone Cliffs and hidden gorges with their flora and fauna to paint.  Paintings the Gorge at Sunset, Boolimba Bluff at Sunrise, Cliffs with Carnarvon Creek and the beautiful Moss Garden.

A  Limited Edition Print of the Gorge was released titled “Moss Garden” and features the Azure Kingfisher and the very popular print “The Lilies of Nuga Nuga”

Kaylenne has had Solo Exhibitions in Japan, Palm Cove Qld, Melbourne, Cairns, Shepparton & Cobram. Her work has been sold to private collectors in over 15 countries around the world. Over the years she has donated her Art to many Charities and Organizations for their worthy causes as well as some of her time to show local school children how to paint.

New work to come The Desert, Kakadu and Northern Territory

Artwork can be purchased with this online Gallery, Purchases and enquires can also be made by  using the contact form

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